Marc by Marc Jacobs bag owers please!

  1. Hi guys,
    I just bought a Marc by MJ bag off a fairly trusted seller. However, it says it's made in Indonesia and there is no care tag. Is this suspicious? The quality of the bag is great though. How can I find out whether it's authentic or not?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Just read the guide by an ebayer, and it seems some Marc by MJ bags can be made in Indo, China and Taiwan! So I guess it's ok?
  3. both my MJ bags are made in Indonesia as well. You are fine.
  4. Thank you!!
  5. Yep no restrictions there :yes: Mine was made in Indonesia also.
  6. Yea, a couple of mine's are made in Indo as well.
  7. Wow..I didn't know they also make it in Indo..
  8. Yeah, I'm kind of surprise. I thought I was buying a high end designer bag?! :biggrin: I suppose as long as it doesn't break. But there is not even a caretag so I can get it dry cleaned etc.
  9. Well, it is the cheaper Marc Jacobs line so I guess he makes them there for saving purposes. The quality is hot though so no worries. I did have a caretag on both my bags.
  10. ^ I agree with Nola.

    Regardless of where the bag is made, the quality is absolutely superb! they use the finest leather (or so it says on my tag) and you can tell too, the leather is always buttery soft
  11. My bags that I got were both Indonesia made also, so there isn't much to worry about. Also, the leather on my orange keepall is superb!