Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories - Do they come with dustbags?

  1. I'm new to the Marc By Marc line and am planning on buying a Turnlock wallet or Coin Purse. Does anyone know if these items come in a box and dustbag when you buy it from the store or any retailer?

    Anyone have experience with Marc by Marc watches too (they're so cute!)?

  2. Hi, Ive never bought a MBMJ wallet or other kind of accessory where it came with a dustbag. So to answer your question; no I dont think so. HTH!
  3. I had an MbyMJ cosmetics case in the softy leather line that came with the cutest, smallest dustbag. But I don't have a wallet, so I don't know for sure. I'm sure someone else can chime in with a definitive answer!
  4. Bought a wallet from Shopbop and no dust bag. I am not sure if you buy it in a store if you will get one
  5. Bought a zip wristlet (washed leather) by Marc by Marc Jacobs at Bloomingdales, no box or dustbag. HTH!
  6. i don't think mbmj wallets and clutches come w/ one though the next size i bought was a pouch and it came w/ one!
  7. I have the turnlock wallet. I got it from Nordstrom. No dustbag.
  8. I've bought wallets before and they don't come with dustbags; however, I've purchased a wristlet/clutch from an older line from eBay and it DID come with an authentic dustbag. It was the clear plastic MBMJ kind though and not that nice soft white one that comes with the larger bags.
  9. I got the cutest dustbag for my zip clutch. In my experience. I've always gotten dustbags for accessories.
  10. I bought a mouse gray wallet ... and NO dustbag!
  11. I have a clutch and a wallet but no dustbag.

  12. i'm almost certain i got a dustbag for my softy zc, but i purchased it at the boutique. you can ask them for a mbmj gift box, but they'll only give it to you if you're buying the item from the boutique itself. the department stores don't carry the boxes.

    i have one of the watch necklaces. it's adorable. i love it!
  13. Yesterday my MbMJ Lovely clutch in twig color arrived! I bought it from Shopbop and it came with its dusbag! Great!
  14. I just purchased the leather airline wallet today at the west village MBMJ and they didnt have boxes or dustbags to give me for accessories. bummer!
  15. I have several MBMJ accessories & none came w/ a dustbag. All my purchases have been made at a dept store, not a boutique. HTH!