Marc by Marc Jabobs Dr. Q Hillier Hobo

  1. I just purchased the MJ's Dr. Q. Hillier Hobo in Mouse Grey. I was slightly torn between Grey and Black, but ended up purchasing the Grey. Thoughts on bag and color??? 712990_fpx.jpg

  2. I love the grey, so much more interesting than black (IMO) but just as wearable. Looks like it would hold a lot without getting too bulky, I'm a big fan of hobos.
  3. I ask only out of pure curiosity...why are you a big fan of hobos?

    I love hobos too but I wonder why some others hate hobos and others love them??
  4. Ooooh, I love this bag! Saw it in the store and I like how it's long and flat. Gives the illusion of being a slouchy hobo and yet it isn't slouchy. Definitely prefer the gray over black. The lighter color shows off the details much better.
  5. I just tried it on a NM and it actually worked cross body for me as well.. I was surprised I thought the strap would be too short but it was just long enough. I think that this is a great bag especially for the price. Personally I would like the black but that is b/c I don't have enough black and I just bout a MAM in dark grey so I think that's enough grey for now. Congrats on your purchase! It's a great everyday bag!
  6. Great bag! I prefer the grey on this style too.
  7. I think the grey is lovely but I'm going to say I really like the black. But then again, I somehow have ZERO black bags and am currently on a "perfect black bag" hunt. Either way, great bag.
  8. I think I am a fan of hobos because they are rather flat and fit closely to you. They are also comfortable. They don't appear so big, even in an oversized look.
  9. I love the gray. I agree it shows the details more. I like that it is a darker gray like closer to charcoal gray (or maybe that is how it looks on my computer) I like hobos because most styles are designed to have that extra slouch room between the strap and the top of the bag so it falls just so depending on how full it is esp if it is made of soft leather.
  10. I have this bag as well, i LOVE it! i love that i can wear it on my shoulder, can carry it in my hand or wear it across my body. I get so many compliments on the grey.
  11. I didn't know you can use it as a messenger bag!!! Can it be really long enough to be comfortable to use that way? I'm 5'2" by the way if it helps!

    Pardon me I just got really excited!!!!! Hope they made it in cream with gold hardware.
  12. I much prefer the grey bag--it's a much more interesting looking bag.
  13. It's got a magnetic snap closure - how secure is the bag? Easy for someone to get in and out of?
  14. i have the hillier in black and i love it. although i wish i got the grey, i actually brought it back for an exchange, but it was already sold out. i think they have a cream (chalk) one out right now with gold hardware, but i could be wrong!

    it's pretty deep so it's not that easy for someone to get in and out of. i'm 5'8 and am not able to use it as a messenger... i wish i could!
  15. that mouse grey is a really great color