Marc by Marc Heart Cage Necklace

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  1. Does anyone know of an online site that sells Marc by Marc Jacobs jewlery, Specificaly the Heart Cage necklace? Or does anyone know if the boutiques still have it and if so how much it costs?

  2. I've seen the jewelry on eluxury and zappos (but not that specific necklace:sad: )
  3. I know, I've looked all over and can't find it! I hear that the Marc by marc store charges $20 to ship, even for a necklace. Do you know if this is true?
  4. yes, its $20 to ship anything. do you have any friends or relatives near a store who could buy it for you and ship it to you? that's probably your best bet.
  5. I don't! That's what's so difficult.
  6. Isnt the Heart Cage necklace a "special item" meaning that it's sold only in stores and not online? yikes, that would make things even harder. Well if I see it anywhere online, I'll let you know
  7. Thanks!