Marc by Marc faux croc portfolio bag - boutique exclusive

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  1. has anyone seen this bag in any mbymj store near them?
    i went to the sf store today and they didn't have anymore...:Push:


    thanks in advance...:heart::heart:
  2. I haven't, but it sure is pretty!
  3. i saw it ny last week. i'm sure it's still there. try giving them a call. hot bag!
  4. that's really pretty!
  5. thanks tadpole! :smile:
  6. my mom saw them before xmas and called me to get one for her but they were gone from the sf store...
    i found out today from the nyc store that they're being redone for spring in white, teal, red, green and black...
    they retail for $198 if anyone is interested...
  7. hmmmm... teall... :drool:
  8. i haven't seen it, but it is gorgeous!
  9. is this really a portfolio bag? or a purse? Sorry, I'm an artist and that would be one amazing way to carry around a portfolio.
  10. Oooooo, love the color! :love:
  11. it's more like an oversized clutch...
    the chain handle tucks inside so you can carry it either way...
    i got her a red one as a late birthday present...
  12. wow! now that's cool! im an artist too, and hot damn that'd be a sweet way to carry around my art.
  13. so cute!! i missed out on their multi stripe snakeskin pouchette a while back...
  14. The teal is gorgeous!
  15. The color's pretty and all, but I don't know if I'd go out of my way to purchase this - the design looks like clutches one could find in a department store.