Marc by Marc Faridah vs. Teri vs. Quinn

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Which Do You Prefer?

  1. Faridah

  2. Teri

  3. Quinn

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm considering getting a Marc by Marc Faridah, Teri, or Quinn... Which do you ladies prefer and why?

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. i voted for the faridah. it reminds me of the mp, which i love! the teri is too long and the quinn is cute, but i hate the flap. i'm sure it makes it annoying to get in and out of the bag that most often than not, women just leave it open anyways.
  3. I am voting for the faridah as well. I love the teri, but agree with tadpole that it is a bit too long and maybe too narrow. I was just looking at it again yesterday at Nordstroms, and would love to see a larger sized version of the teri. just in case marc's lurking!

    I like the quinn, too, but have the bigger version - the shopper from Shopbop - and haven't carried it because the flap so mocked me when i did carry it. I actually switched bags mid-day! I had the softy faridah, and find both styles of faridah very easy to get into.
  4. Thanks guys... I've been wanting something in 'Grass' for quite a while and the MBMJ store is holding a Faridah for me... I just wondered if this was the best style of the 3 since I don't own any and it's hard to tell sometimes how you ill like it until you've used it a few times... There aren't many modeling pics that I could find of these bags so I thought I would ask the experts!
  5. :yes:
  6. I voted for the Teri. I wasn't a fan at first but when I saw it IRL and tried it on, I just fell in-love with it. It has compartments which is great for organizing and the leather feels so soft and yet, it doesn't lose its structure. Also, I am not fond of bags that slouch (that's why as much as I would love to own an mp, I just cant :nogood:).
  7. I vote for Quinn! I love its flap!
  8. i totally agree. i wasn't that into the teri, but when i tried it on in the store, i fell in love. i feel like the strap of the faridah is a bit long. also, i need some kind of zipper since i am super paranoid on the train!
  9. I like the faridah. I prefer this one:


    To this one:


    I don't like the buckle look on it...

    I do, however, wish there was a zipper instead of a magnetic closure. I would love it for a school bag because it is big and reminds me of the multipocket, but I would be afraid that if I kick the bag with my foot while it is on the floor during class, that my crap would go everywhere.

    There is something about the teri, probably the length, that doesn't visually appeal to me. The Quinn is really cute, but it seems like it wouldn't look too great if it wasn't full of stuff. I have the Heidi and it is the same leather softness and it always looks pretty deflated when I don't put enough in it. The Feridah seems like it would hold its shape pretty well, no matter what was in it....and also, it is a hobo, so it is supposed to look slouchy.
  10. Thanks guys! :flowers: They actually had all three styles there and I decided on the Grass Faridah! :heart:

    Faridah - Grass 09.jpg Faridah - Grass 04.jpg Faridah - Grass 08.jpg Faridah - Grass 03.jpg Faridah - Grass 06.jpg
  11. Wow love the bag and the color!!
  12. gorgeous bag and color!!!
  13. I just ordered that same bag today, the color looks gorgeous. You've made me even more excited to get it!
  14. What a great color for spring!

    I was interested in the grass, but I was worried that it wouldn't be such a great color for fall and winter.
  15. Congrats on your decision!! That is a fabulous color.