Marc by Marc bags heavy?

  1. Are Marc by Marc Jacobs bags heavy? Especially the Softy line?

    I love the mainline MJ bags, but many are just too heavy to use everyday.

    Those of you with the Marc bags - what's your experience? And is the leather as nice and durable?
  2. I absolutely love my mbmj turnlock bowler. The leather is really soft and nice and the bag is much lighter than MJ's signature collection bags. I don't have any from the softy line but from what I've heard they are about the same. As I don't own any bags from the other collection I can't reallly compare but I really like mine!
  3. All of the Marc by MJ bags I've handled or owned have all been pretty light compared to my MJ bags.

    The leather is often a lot lighter... and there's often a lot less hardware and fabric linings help too.
  4. Nope, I dont think mbymj bags are heavy at all. I have a couple and they're all pretty light and can definitely be everyday bags.

    The leather is great for the money
  5. Ooooo this is good news already. I tried using a Stella for my everyday bag, and it gave me back problems! Maybe you've gotta be tall to wear them...
  6. I love the softy line too and when I looked at them at the store they were noticably lighter.....let me know if you get one!
  7. The Totally Turnlock line is nice soft leather and fairly light to carry. I don't have a Softy, but it sounds like it's not heavy either. By the time I put all my stuff into a bag, it can weigh a lot if the bag itself is heavy, so my MMJ was my everyday winter bag.
  8. I don't have a Softy (:crybaby:), but my MbMJ bag isn't heavy, either.
  9. I think Totally Turnlock's leather is lighter. IMO, Softy line is heavier, as I was trying on a MbMJ Turnlock Teri the other day, and it is lighter than my Softy carryall. But, if comparing MbMJ bags with MJ main collections, then, maybe they are lighter as most of the bags from the main collection have hardwares on - i.e. chains,pushlock,kisslock. ;)
  10. Coming from someone who mostly carries Coach ( have one Michael Michael Kors and one M by MJ) my M by MJ is a little heavy. The magnetic closure is the culprit.