MARC bag?!! Is it worth it?

  1. Hi all! I've been a longtime fan of the blog and board and could really use some advice. I'm starting grad school in the fall and would like something chic and "grown-up" to use as a school bag. I noticed the bag below on Neiman's site about a month ago marked down to $150 from $428, but I think this must have been an error, b/c by the time I called in my order it was gone. It's back up now for $321! I don't have any expensive-ish purses or bags, so I'm really torn about what to do--it would require some sacrifices on my part, as I'm a relatively poor student, but if it's something I'd use for a long time... I love the colour and style, and I think it would be big enough to carry around my books and lappy. I trust your opinion, ladies. Is this a good enough deal? What is the quality like for MARC bags? Help!
  2. hi piano_geek :smile:
    i think it'a lovely bag, and it's def. worth 300$...
    you can wear this bag for years...
  3. I'll move this to the MJ Forum ;)
  4. It´s definetly worth the money imo.
  5. Oh girls! The bag is now "not available". Sold-out from under me again? I just can't believe it happened within a couple hours again!

    Jinhee, I've also been looking at this season's colours.... I really like the green one from Bergdorf's.
  6. ^ i love the green! i definitely think it's worth it. the bag is huge too!
  7. btw, does anyone have a picture of theirs IRL? i would love to see it! sometimes, these online store pics can be deceiving.
  8. They may still have this bag at I purchased mine from Neiman's online a while back, and really love it. It's great for a cool work tote, but still perfect for the weekends and for travel. Hope you can find it!
  9. Okay, I've hit another potential snag in my quest for one of these leather totes. The only place I can find the new colours (and slightly updated and richer-looking style) is at Bergdorf's. However, I live in Canada and they will not ship to me. Does anyone know where I might be able to find this? Neiman's, Net-A-Porter don't have it yet. I think I'm most interested in the tea leaf one.

    Also, do you think this would be big enough for a mac laptop and a few books and notebooks. Or, would it look like I'm stuffing my school stuff into a purse??
  10. i love the green one from this year, i would say the bag is worth the money in the sale. the leather is always good and the bag can be used with many outfits, very versatile.
  11. I don't have a picture but I've tried it on in the stores and it's HUGE!! It can definitely fit a textbook or two and there'll still be room for a pencil bag or something!