marc Antique Watch, am i crazy?


Dec 10, 2006
ca, usa
(if i should refrain from posting any future non-purse items please let me know!)

my mother wants to sell her Marc watch, i think she's crazy.. or am i??
the watch has this antique look to it, i think it's stunning, the picture i took doesn't do justice at all but you can get an idea. She just complained that it was too small- but i think that's a sad excuse!:lol:

does anyone know anything about it and how much it should go for? she didn't save the tag.
i really don't think she should sell it, it seems worth it to keep for a longer period, do any of you agree? or do you think she should sell it?

Dec 18, 2006
The watch in question was originally priced at $2500 IIRC (I bought the non-diamond oval watch from the same collection). I personally adore my watch and would never sell but I'm sure your mother could fetch a good resale price.


May 26, 2006
I have two beautiful girls...I mean live and lovely daughters...vs my lovely purses.. my one...especially has buttered my up beyond belief to have some of my purses and wallets. On the other hand, my mom always gave me some of her beautiful jewels and such. It always makes me think of her and is such a warm nice thing. I hope my daughter feels the same when I give her my "stuff". For me it makes the purse or the ring, etc. mean soo much more. mags