Marais vs Ipanema

  1. I am considering a damier bag, but I am so torn as to what to get. I LOVE the pochette Ipanema, but it is so tiny. The Ipanema PM is a more reasonable size for me, but just isn't at attractive looking.

    The Marais just came to my attention, and I like the look and the included pochette, but how comfortable on the shoulder is it? A drop of 7"-8.5" isn't much, especially over a coat. Last, I imagine this must just be an illusion in the photo, but on elux the pochette appears to have silver hardware while the bag itself has gold. The hardware matches IRL, right?

    Are there any other damier shoulder bags with a longer drop? I love the mono drouot, but there is no equivalent bag in damier. :crybaby:
  2. How about Parioli or Saleya
  3. I have the petit bucket, which is similar to the marais. I find it very comfortable to wear, and it's very lightweight. I've had no problems with putting it on the shoulder with a coat, and the straps are adjustable.
  4. I love the marais, I don't have one but it is on my mental to get list some time. The hardware on the mini pochette is gold on both the mono and damier pieces. I don't know about the azur line though and what color the hardware is on that style. I see some ladies talk about the ilovo, it's a shoulder bag, kind of on the medium side I would say, looks like a hobo sort of.

    I just read the post above me a little more closely and I think a parioli is a great suggestion. I hear it is very comfortable to wear as well.
  5. If ur deciding between the Ipanema or the Marais, I'd vote the Marais. It grows on you and is waaay more practical compared to the Ipanema. :smile:
  6. Hmmm... my suggestions: Marais or Chelsea. ;)
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I actually love the parioli (great size, longer drop), but the big Louis Vuitton embossed piece of leather on the front defeats the purpose of it being a damier piece for me. I am looking for something I can carry without everyone on the street able to identify it as an LV bag.

    The Illovos are a bit too unstructured and the Chelsea is gorgeous, but probably too big for my needs. I need a special order Drouot in damier!!

    It really is frustrating not living anywhere near a boutique. Are all of these bags ones that a boutique would normally have in stock? Maybe I just need to plan a trip to Chicago (after the snow is cleared!)!