Marais flap in gold. Is it too close to Dark Silver Reissue color?

  1. I already have the dark silver 226 reissue. I'm wondering if it's too close in color to get another bag in gold. I need it to be a day time bag.
  2. i don't think they look that similar but they are both metallic bags. however, IMHO, i would wear the marais gold/black flap more during the day and use the DS reissue for evening/special events. i think the other ladies would differ though as i have seen a few DS reissues out during the day!
  3. PS: love the gorgeous bag in your avatar
  4. no, they are 2 totally different colors of bag. marais gold is not shiny. its muted gold with black undertone.
  5. I noticed you have the same bag. We have twin tastes.
  6. ohh it's the same?? your color looks so much deeper...i was drooling over your pic.

  7. this is true, they are two diff colors. marais is definitely less blingy than the ds reissue.