Marais Damier

  1. I would love to buy my first damier item, but I'm having trouble choosing the right one. I'm 23 years old. I would like this bag to be modern; not too classic but not too trendy either. I would love a shoulder bag (although if it's an absolutely gorgeous hand held bag, I wouldn't mind).
    Size of the bag doesn't really matter, I just want it to be gorgeous.

    When browsing through the Visual Aids thread, I noticed that the Marais looks really great. Now I'm doubting on buying this one because I don't hear a lot about this bag, it doesn't seem to be very popular and, in some older threads, Marais owners don't always seem to be fond of this bag.
    That's why here my question: what do you guys think of the Marais?
  2. Not a fan. Looks flimsy and dont like the open top. Have you seen the Trevi? Its gorgeous, practical, chic and pretty versatile. Can be used as a handheld and shoulder bag. The Saleya is another option.
  3. i'm actually a fan of the bucket shape and is thinking over marais or mini lin bucket pm :blush:.
  4. I love the trevi!!!!!
  5. I actually think out of all LV's buckets -- the Marais is the classiest and beautiful. I don't have one -- but I do like them. I once saw a woman looking at one at LV. It looked great on her. I actually like the bucket shape too -- but I am older than you -- late thirties and that might have something to do with it. Have fun deciding.
  6. the marais is okie, but how about getting a Trévi??????? :graucho:
  7. I'm a big fan of the bucket style. I think the marais is very pretty!
  8. I have one and it is my least favorite of all my LV bags. I do not like how tall and small around it is. It is hard to find things, if you carry a lot of stuff, since things lay on top of each other. The open top is really open. I have a BH and that being open does not bother me at all but I do not care for the open top of the Marais. The bottom of the bags is hard so it is not really comfortable unless you put it behind your arm and then it is to easy for people to reach in.

    I also have the Saleya and I highly recommend it over the Marais. It is a comfortable bag and it has a zip top. It comes in 3 sizes.

    I am just glad I did not pay that much for my Marais. I keep thinking about selling it.
  9. You should go to a boutique and look at irl ... try it on and see if it'll work for you. It's a nice bag, if you like it, then of course get it ... the main thing is that you are happy with it! And if not, then they also have a lot of other damier styles. Good luck!
  10. I'd say you go to try it at the shop then try the trevi bag as well see which one suit you better coz I think the trevi bag is chic and beautiful
  11. The open top is not really a problem for me and I don't carry a lot of stuff with me, but I was worried about the hard bottom, I saw pictures of the bag and the bottom did look a bit uncomfortable.

    I will definately go to the store and try it, but I wanna do my homework before I get there. The store is like 3 hours away from here, and last time, I came home empty handed. A few days later, I saw 3 beautiful bags on the internet that I really loved but my SA didn't show them to me. There were a lot of customers in the store and all SA's were in a hurry, so I was really disappointed after I left.
    About the Trevi: it's a gorgeous bag, but my mom always says it's a bit too old for me. I don't know if it's true, but because she always says that, I got the impression that it is in fact for people in their forties or something.
  12. It is a nice bag.
  13. i have one and it's really a nice bag. i'm sure you know that it comes with a small accessories pouch, as well. :smile:
  14. Your mom always says that about the Trevi ?? It just came out like 1-2 months ago, she must say it alot lol! Anywayy, I like the marais, but its not for me. I saw a girl about your age carrying it and she looked cute, classic, and simple! Good luck!
  15. Yep, and it looks gorgeous! I saw pictures of a tpfer modeling it in the pictures only thread.

    Until recently, I wasn't into damier, but I came to love it more and more. And the weather here is not so great, I could use a damier! So that's why since a couple of months, I've been looking for one. And now it really catches my eye every time I see someone with it. Since the Trevi is quite a popular bag here, I've already seen many people with that bag and my mom always says it too old for me.