marais bb

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  1. hi
    does anyone have the new marais bb and have any modelling shots or the bowling 2013 bag?


    Trying to decide what to get for my 40th. want something special. was thinking the montaigne bb or alma bb

    any thoughts? something small. I like cross body or something I can add a strap to.
  2. I don't have one but wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!
  3. Thanks :smile:
  4. I saw it in the store but it was behind a window glass
  5. Let us know which one you decided to get! I have two alma bb's one in rose velour and one in rose angelique. I was thinking of getting the marais bb and the montaigne bb, but wasn't sure which one I wanted.
  6. For the BB size I personally like the Montaigne. The open top helps with getting stuff in and out. Also love the center zipped compartment.
    I don't have a picture though, sorry about that
  7. I looked at the Marais BB and loved it, except that it is only hand held. There is no where to add a strap to either, or I would have gotten it.
  8. I love Marais but the BB is very small. Did you try the MM? I think it's a better size, I am saving to get a MM size. I love this style and I love hand hold bags!!!