Maple syrup diet anyone?

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  1. Has anyone tried this detox? It started off as the lemon detox but got turned into the maple syrup diet due to Beyonce's use of it for her to slim down?

    I have just brought the ingredients and I am waiting on the madal bal natural syrup to come, just wondering if anyone cans hare experiences? xx
  2. This is a very dangerous and extreme diet. Have you done any research on it? I did a quick Google and this is what came up:

    Pop star Beyonce may have a figure that many of us envy, but it seems she believes in the ‘no pain, no gain’ mantra to get it that way. In fact, this is one of the most extreme diets ever and makes Carol Vorderman’s detox plans look like a positive food fest.

    This diet is potentially dangerous. Effectively, it involves drinking nothing but sugared water for days on end. Of course you will lose weight, but that’s purely the result of limiting calories excessively.

    A tablespoon (which they say is 10ml) of Natural Tree Syrup contains just 26 calories. That means if you have six drinks a day (each containing the recommended 2 tablespoons of syrup), your daily intake will be just 312 calories. Even nine drinks only provide 468 calories.

    The effects of crash diet

    This low calorie diet plan will leave you hungry, irritable and lacking in energy as your blood sugar levels go on a roller coaster ride of highs and lows. And chances are, the pounds will go straight back on as soon as you ditch the diet.

    But it’s not just the extremely low calorie content that’s worrying. These drinks are devoid of protein, fibre, vitamins, minerals and all the naturally occurring plant chemicals (Phytochemicals) we know help to keep us fit and healthy. After just a few days, it’s likely you’ll become constipated due to the complete lack of fibre in the diet. And if you follow this diet for any length of time, you could end up with low nutrient levels, including iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin C. Meanwhile, a combination of sugar and acid (from the lemon juice) is also a disaster for teeth and so may increase the risk of dental decay.

    As for the idea that the body needs to detox, this is simply nonsense. Our bodies are cleverly designed to get rid of waste products and toxins – that’s one of the main functions of our liver and kidneys.

    Worryingly though, these facts aren’t stopping people from buying this product. Even though it costs a massive £39.99 for a litre (enough for 5 to 7 days), the company that distribute Madal Bal Natural Tree Syrup say they’ve gone from selling 500 tins a year to around 2,000 a month!

    Crash Diet Versus Healthy Eating

    Bottom line: this is a crash diet – and one of the worst! Put it to the back of your mind and concentrate on getting a bootylicious body by eating a healthy diet that will shift those pounds slowly – but keep them off for good.
  3. I know I saw that, thats because she did it like hardcore!!
    Im not doing it like she did it, just having a few glasses per day not substituting all my food! I just want to lose a few pounds for holiday, i work out but i just want a little extra push! x
  4. LuvaPug, is that you in your Signature? If it is, you're stunning and I can't possibly imagine where those extra pounds are hiding!!!! :flowers:
  5. Sounds like a very odd..and unhealthy diet to me!
  6. Yeah this is NOT good for you AT ALL. In fact, two friends of mine did this to lose weight for a summer vacation and when they actually began eating normally again they GAINED more weight than they had started with.

    Also, it's going to be very dangerous to be working out on a crash diet like this. Your body NEEDS a certain amount of calories/day and even MORE when you're working out.

    Definitely not a good idea.
  7. I only ever used it as a detox-right before I started Weight Watchers I did this for a day or two to start a clean slate. I wouldn't want to compromise my metabolism.
  8. Ahh they put more weight on!!! OMG i would die!! Lol, i sware i wont go over board! I just want to look good in my bikini on the beach!!!

    CAL: Lol that is my beautiful little sister, who is BIG on trampolining and gymnastics so she has NO problem staying trim! xx
  9. LVmom, love your pugs!!
  10. The thing people forget when they diet is that if you decrease your calorie intake too extreme your body will react as if you are starving. This means your metabolism will slow down. Hence the reason people gain back more after they start to eat normally. The body's metabolism has slowed down so you store your food as fat instead of burning it.
  11. Im personally not a fan of any of these extreme fast diets, they dont work as you always end up putting the weight back on, and i think its really unhealthy. You can lose a bit of weight in a relatively short amount of time by changing your diet(eat a lot more healthy) and up your exercise. I think thats a safer and better way to lose the weight.
  12. <<sigh>>

    Know this. When your lovely muscle decreases from crash dieting, what replaces it is FAT afterwards, which is waaaay less dense than muscle.

    Result? Going up in sizes. Say, from a US dress size 8 to a 10, at the exact same weight as before! And if you gain more, watch out... A few pounds more than your original weight could result in TWO dress sizes!

    Scary. One of my fav health books called "Women's Fit for Life" explains this principle. It also shows how to diet safely, know your body, and make the most out of your shape.

    If you are substituting the sugar syrup for a meal or two, may I suggest SlimFast? It's not my fav, but it's much, much, much healthier than caramel coloured syrup instead of a meal. Please be careful.

    Good luck, be safe.
  13. The tPF H&F forum is not for discussing unhealthy diets and unhealthy weight loss methods. We like strong, healthy PFers who enjoy eating! :nuts:

    Please read the sticky at the top of this subforum in regards to the rules.
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