Map Bag vs. Messenger Bag for guys

  1. So i had this great idea of getting Coach for my boyfriend for his birthday (april 17) I've narrowed it down between the Map bag and Messenger Bag. Question is, whats the main difference between the two?? (except for the obvious $150 difference) I can see that one's longer while the other one is taller. Have any of you guys seen these bags in person?? Are they roomy, and are they versatile. Thanks in advance for the suggestions.


  2. I haven't seen either of these bags in person. But I love the map bag!!
  3. I got Mr. Jayhawkgirl a map bag for christmas (I think the one before last) and he wasn't a fan. It couldn't hold anything book-sized. He exchanged it for a messenger and loves it. It only has to survive one more year of med school thank goodness. He is ROUGH on that thing!
  4. The map bag is pretty narrow. I would go with the longer messenger bag.
  5. messenger bag would be better for a guy i think.
  6. I agree with everyone else - I'd go with the messenger bag.
  7. When I worked at COACH I bought the map bag in nylon, but it was a PAIN to try and get my binders to fit in there so I'd definitely say get the messenger bag!
  8. Thanks so much guys :amuse: Messenger bag it is. Hopefully the PCE happens before april 17, or better yet hopefully I get an invite. I got one last christmas season and end of march 2006. THANKS
  9. please post pic's & if you can have him model it for us