Many years

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  1. Who has had their Cartier love bracelet for a really long time? Anyone had theirs for more than 10 plus years?
  2. An SA that I know had them on since 1970. They have a patina to them but he has never taken them off. They look great!
  3. Wow! Since 1970, That's amazing! One of the SA's at the boutique where I shop has had her 2 loves on for 23 years. She has a yellow and white gold. I think the yellow gold has 6 diamonds. They look awesome! I'm always amazed at how good they look. :smile:

  4. My original Love bracelet was from 1990.
  5. Keevs that's it amazing! Do you still have it? Do you have a picture? That's awesome!
  6. I decided to part ways with it since I wanted to switch to the new screw system. Wish I had pictures!
  7. That's really important to know that you went from the old screw system to the new because a lot of people are apprehensive of the new screw system, yet others have went out of their way to obtain it. I think as long as it's screwed on right it's a good idea too. (:
  8. Personally I think the new screw system looks much better. The old screws were rounded like half domes, so they jutted upward when the rest of the screws didn't. The new screws look almost exactly the same as every other screw on the bracelet except for the fact that you can't get them perfectly horizontal.

  9. I've never really had any problems with either systems. However, I almost lost a screw when I had the old one.