Many threads about "not wanting/not being ready" for kids, but...

  1. ... anyone out there like me, who are just so sure they want children? Like... ASAP?

    I'm not even married yet but I think about having kids all the time! I try not to idealize it, but motherhood just feels like something in my bones. Gosh, that sounds corny... and trust me, my boyfriend has heard me talk enough about "when I have a baby" scenarios.

    So I am lurking around in here with great interest and living vicariously through you! :heart:
  2. Me me me!! Well...I was, but I already have a baby. Want another one too...
  3. I always wanted to be a mommy and am thrilled to be one. I hope to have another child in the not too distant future.
    DH waited until we were ready (mentally and financially) and then we had some bad luck with pregnancies so I started kinda late (I'm 36).
  4. I've always know I wanted to have kids... but now that it is closer, I am REALLY nervous...
  5. totally me!!!! after giving birth to my son I was honestly ready to continue. loved pregnancy, birth, the newborn and every stage until now!

    so, what does the boyfriend say??
  6. Meeeee! I am so in baby mode...I love reading everyone else's pregnancy threads, lol...makes me want one even more!
  7. I'm with you!

    The funny thing is that I used to be dead set against have kids. Now I just KNOW that I want them.

    I've been feeling so maternal lately, and it doesn't help to have my beautiful niece around and see her at least once a week (she's almost 14 months). I know it will come in time, when life settles down for us, but tell that to my body! I've been having dreams about having a baby, and I think about it a lot lately. It just feels right.

    That's why I'm hanging around on this new forum so much lately, haha. I love reading about everyone's pregnancies and hearing about the little ones. What a change I've gone through in the past couple of years!
  8. I'm TOTALLY ready to have kids

    I am recovering from serious back problems, but as soon as I'm good, we're going to TTC, I hate that I have to wait, I'm ready now!
  9. I use to be one of those ppl that says "i never want to have kids" and my DH was like that too :roflmfao: but things change when you get older and when i saw my DH start to have this "look" at friend's baby i know we are ready for a baby :yahoo:
    I was so ready to have a baby when we started trying and was so blessed to have my son in March this year ! being parents certainly is not easy, but it changes your whole world and I can't believe how much we love this little man hehehhe........:heart:
  10. I was you Annie!

    But the bad part is I was dating the man of my dreams and we wanted to be a DINKS!
    Obviously, I showed him the right path and have 3 kids I can't get enough of! LOL!

    I always saw myself as a Mother, if I wasn't able to produce them myself, I'd have adopted. . . I couldn't live w/o children.

    That said, I'm very supportive of women who choose NOT to have children, I don't think everyone was born for it. I'm glad some people know it's not for them.
  11. I can not wait to be a mom. We have been trying, and will continue to. I hope to get through the summer and then step up our acitivities so to speak. In an ideal world I hope to be pregnant by December. Fingers crossed! IM READY!
  12. Oh Sunshine! You'll be such a wonderful Mommy! Sending ~~fertile vibes~~~~ your way!!!
  13. i know now isn't the time for me, but i feel like i'm meant to have kids. i used to not want them, but now i feel like it's something i'm supposed to do in my life. a coworker of mine just had twins a few months ago, and her whole pregnancy gave me such strong maternal feelings.

    plus, my kids will be so f'ing cool.
  14. Amanda, you have no idea how cool your kids will be! Even the way they chew. . . you'll think it's the COOLEST! LOL!
    I watch every move my kids make all day. . . unbelievable! LOL!
  15. I have always felt super maternal, and now I do feel ready to have kids!!

    I tell Vlad that if I had a baby now, I would not be upset about it at all. Ideally, we would like to wait for a few years, but he thinks I lie about wanting to wait- every kid I see I want to talk about. And the fact that I nanny a 3 year old and an infant, well, that makes me feel even more maternal!! :girlsigh: But when Vlad sees me with the babies, he always tells me he knows I will be an amazing mom.

    I really can not wait!!! (Well I can, but you know!)