Many Thanks To Ms Cupcake

  1. Thanks to Ms Cupcake and her recent trip to St Barth, I will have a new present shortly!

    THANKS SO MUCH MS CUPCAKE. You are the sweetest!
    (hope you do not mind me sharing with the forum how much I appreciate your kindness!!)
  2. ooooohhhh,... you TEASE!
    We're happy to wait with you!
    Congrats in advance!
  3. Can't wait for the reveal!
  4. yay!!!!!!!
  5. What is it?? If it is something in blue jean.. because I might be the only one without it... hehe..
  6. That was such a thoughtful and kind thing for Ms Cupcake to do.
    What a wonderful birthday surprise!
  7. I love hearing about pf'ers helping each other out! That is just so sweet Ms Cupcake! I can't wait to see the big reveal!
  8. How sweet!! I will also wait with you.
  9. There are some amazing kind members here, so lovely to hear this


    SPILL THE BEANS !!:graucho::graucho:
  10. Ms. Cupcake is an absolute doll! She has helped me also. Now...SPILL!!!!!!!
  11. Looking forward to seeing what you are getting!
  12. Hi all,
    Its not a leather item so I will NOT tease. Months ago, I posted about the special edition St Barth scarf. Me, hubby and Maggie (our maltese) go to St Barth every year and every year, I go into H to get the scarf but they NEVER have it. Its only produced once per year in a different color each year and the boutique never knows when its coming or how many they are getting. That being said, I think it always comes around the holidays b.c that is the time the island is most busy. Well, we are not there at that time (its the most expensive time to go!!!).

    Ms Cupcake asked me for recommendations in St Barth b.c she was going there. Being an absolute St Barth lover, I told her everything I knew. She offered to check H to see if they had the scarf and I told her to get it for me if they had it.

    SHE DID!! I will post pics as soon as it arrives.
    Thank you again Ms Cupcake!!!!!!!!!!
  13. I love hearing about pf'ers helping each other out!
    Thanks for sharing this with us..and cant wait the pics :graucho:...
  14. maggiemoo, great story!
    I can't wait to see your new scarf. :smile:
  15. ^^ How fun! - Can't wait to see pics!:smile: