Many THANKS to Jburgh,the Ciggy clutch is on it's way!!

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  1. robynbenz's Ciggy was metallic leather and looked a lot dressier than the Ciggy in watersnake. The watersnake Ciggys are mot metallic.
  2. Thanks babe!
  3. Oh I love this little bag! I can't wait to see your pics!!!What a great deal:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  4. Jburgh is correct :yes: It was too small for me :sad: I tried to use it once and as soon as I put my Sidekick III (cell phone/mini computer) and a lipstick, I was maxed out in room :Push: Not to mention, I have no where to wear it :shrugs:
  5. :tup: I think that I'm going to use it as a wallet or for quick jaunts around the 'hood. lol
    I've got a small phone (HTC mogul) but as my kids can attest, I always forget to carry it anyway but who knows, I might decide that it's too small and send it back. It's really kind of expensive just for a wallet though isn't it? *is now thoroughly confused*:nuts:

    Thanks for all of the input girls
  6. V_o - Well, it is not too small for me. I use mine when I don't need to carry much and I don't want to look after a big bag.

    Remember, Footcandy only gives store credit when you return sale items. But they have a great selection of shoes, so it didn't take me long to use mine up when I once returned an item.
  7. Thanks J! It arrived and I'm keeping it! :smile: I'll take pics soon.