Many THANKS to Jburgh,the Ciggy clutch is on it's way!!

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  1. :heart:JBURGH:heart: They only had one and it was at the other store,but they had it brought back and shipped. No tax and free ship!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    Thanks babe

    btw.. can this be used as a wallet or is it toooo big?
  2. V_o - You are welcome. The Ciggy is a fun bag. I love how you can put the strap over your wrist and then have hands-free. As far as a wallet? It depends on how big your bag is. :graucho: The dimensions are 9"x3"x2". Glad you got such a deal!
  3. J.. you rock baby!!I'm currently working on a Navy Ramona . heee :smile:
  4. It would certainly fit into a Ramona! You can detach the wrist strap and use it as a keychain
  5. That's a beauty V_O! Congratulations. Can't wait for the pictures. Good luck on the Navy Ramona. I will keep my eyes peeled.
  6. Thanks good looking!If it's on sale, let a sistah know! lol
  7. Aw sookie sookie now!! I'd not thought of that! Thanks!:heart:
  8. You crack me up! :lol:
  9. Congrats Varied_Obsessions :wlae:

    The Ciggy is such a cute bag and I actually just sold mine a month or so ago, but I know many love this style. I am just trying to be good and stick to exotics :sneaky:
  10. I absolutely LOVE that bag in red!! My favorite JC clutch! :heart:
  11. What didn't you like about it babe?
  12. Congrats, I love the ciggy.
  13. Thanks! They say it won't be delivered until late in the week.
  14. V_o - I believe it was too small for her needs. Plus it was a lot fancier in the metallic and she said she didn't really get an opportunity to use it. robynbenz loves the big bags and wears them well.
  15. Ah... Thanks J! So it's metallic?*if wishes were fishes, it would be here right now!* lol