Many raves for LV repair services..

  1. :yahoo: My Mabillon arrived today from repair, many of you know the older Epi bags had a problem with the pockets lining, after some time on storage the coated part start to come off, they advice to place paper in the pockets when storage the bags..but many did not do it:confused1:
    I love My Mabillon but this sticky stuff was annoying me:cursing: I could not use the pockets at all.
    After 3 months my SA shipped my loved bag and an extension that purchased on Friday and she even gave me FREE new lock for my Mabillon and couple books..well the pockets look like brand new, they put new lining on both pockets, they look amazing..if you have this problem with any older LV bag, don't hesitate to take it to repair, it is worth it.

    here the pics..cost $50.00 for repair.
    Outside pocket:
    Interior pocket:
  2. love LV repair updates, thank you so much, and congratulations!!!
  3. Looks great! I bet you're so glad to have it back!
  4. OMG I am so glad she is back, I use that bag like crazy, mainly when I go shopping, I am hands free.:yes:
  5. it does look great!! comgrats on getting it back!
  6. I was in the same sitch a few weeks ago. I'm so happy you got your bag back! It looks great!
  7. Whoopee! Glad u got her back after missing her for so long! She looks gorgeous with her makeover! And the cost is pretty good too, hey...
  8. It looks beautiful! That's a good price for a FREE lock too!
  10. I truly believe it, she did very good, I was not expecting a free lock, to me free shipping was good enough.
  11. Congrats on getting you bag back! Nice to know they do a great job...they have my speedy. I really like your bag BTW.
  12. Wow, very nice ! I'm glad that they were able to do such great work ! :yes:
  13. Thanks and I hope you get the same satisfaction with your Speedy:yes:
  14. Thanks, at first I was a little nervous when I took the bag, but at last they did not let me down.:yahoo:
  15. Congrats on getting your bag back! They did a beautiful job! Very cool on the free lock, too!:yahoo: