Many questions about that Margot bag....

    (see previous post for Truffle color)

    Has anyone seen this bag in their Saks, Nordstroms, NM,BG or Bloomies? What colors were out? Does anyone have a picture of the Olive color, too (just curious...)

    Here is my problem. I saw the bag. I put the bag on hold. The bag didn't have a sales ticket. The SA called me back and said it is $1350. On other websites (such as the BG website linked above) the bag sells for $1275. On the larger Margot sells for the higher price
    I haven't seen this bag in Saks to make a judgement call on the size difference. Since the bag I saw had no price tag I'm wondering if they priced it correctly (Bloomies).

    I really don't want to pay a penny more for this bag than I have to as I am only getting 15% off. I only saw this bag in Truffle once and I was wondering if you all are seeing this bag a lot in the stores now? I presaled it but am having a hard time paying full price even though I am 100% in love with it and wouldn't have any regrets. I want to see if you guys think this will be a bag that I could get on sale in a few months? I wasn't sure if this bag has been on the shelves for awhile and I didn't realize it - or they just started coming to the department stores. I'm going to call Nordstroms to see if it's listen in the lookbook....I just thought I'd ask on here before I do that to get an idea.
    You ladies have so much information into sales, stores, timing it right ... I would greatly appreciate if you could tell me if this is a bag that is quite rare. I jumped on it when I saw it b/c this was the first time I saw the brown in any department store. The SA did say it was here for a few months (never saw it though). what-to-do??:confused1:
  2. I would make sure that they price adjust the bag to $1275 - have them call the MJ store if necessary for a price check. If you really love the bag, and you're worried that it may sell out, then go ahead and buy it. 15% is still a really good discount on a new bag. Are you willing to wait until the end of May for the sales to start?

    on pfer's flungflung83's margot, you can also see the $1275 on the price tag:

  3. good luck- i didnt see this particular bag at saks this weekend.
  4. it really comes down to how much you love this bag. i've purchased a couple of mj bags that have gone on sale much later in the season. do i regret it? can't say that i do. perhaps the margot will still be around when the markdowns start end of april or beginning of may, but do you want to wait that long to have your bag and/or do you want to run the risk of not being able to get it or have it available in the color you want?

    if you answer those questions and saving money in the long run outweights your love for the bag then it's a sign that you should hold out. however, if you really really love it and you think it will be your hg then you should get it now and just enjoy it. worse comes to worst, if you buy it and feel terrible for having spent so much money, you can always return it. good luck deciding!
  5. I know that these have been selling kind of fast, and they probably won't go on sale until the sales in june since it's from this current resort collection. So if you want it go for it!
  6. well if youre friends w/ the SA.. you could buy it now and adjust when the sale period starts. some have done that for me. even months past =)

    bloomies has a 180day return policy =P
  7. ahhh, i was wondering whether you had gotten the Margot yet. definitely make sure you get charged the correct price. sometimes we tPF'ers know more about the MJ bags than whatever SA is on the floor ;) pinkyanko makes a good point. but is bloomies' return policy as liberal as nordies where they will accept it if you've cut the tags/used it already? I like the Margot but havent seen it IRL. if theyve just started coming to dept stores, then maybe they will be around for the springtime sales. good luck w/ ur decision and keep us posted!
  8. Update: I've confirmed the price with the stores....$1350 is not the price.
    These bags came to the stores in December. The California stores have it.
    Nordstroms does not have it. That's all I know right now. The current promotion is 15% off. Which is great. They won't give SKU numbers out over the phone. The store in my area that did have one didn't even have a price tag. The bag does come in a Large Margot tote (which does retail for $1350) - which is stocked by Saks. Saks has not received shipment of the regular sized Margot bag. I think I'm just going to go for the bag and see what I can do later on. 30% off would be nice. If anyone loves the quilted MJ bags but doesn't want an arm bag - this bag is truly tdf. In person, it's love at first sight :love: Now onto I can pay for this LOL
  9. Congrats on taking the plunge! She really is beautiful!
  10. Eccckkk... What would you do?:shrugs:

    I spoke to the SA at my local store and she said to bring in the information they will certainly correct the price. The bag has no MJ tags whatsoever.

    I called a store in California and they have the bag - with tags, etc and will send it out for free.

    Would you buy the bag WITH tags instead (for resale value, etc?)

    help!! the lady I've been dealing with is so nice and I feel bad cancelling it.
  11. yes- i would buy the bag with the tags! i find the resale value of a bag is increased with the supporting paperwork you have.
  12. will you still get the 15% off if you get it through the california store? if so, then i would buy it from them. it's great that they're offering free shipping too. if it will be full price for the tags, then i would stick with the sa you bought it from originally.
  13. The cali store will give me the 15% off and ship it for free. I feel bad calling her back and telling her to cancel it. Maybe I can just return the new one I get and repurchase it through her?
  14. ^ that's too much of a hassle though. i would just tell the sa you're dealing with now that you're very sorry, but you've changed your mind. just get it from the california store. since it's going to be the same price, i would want the one with all the tags on it.