Many purchases - many returns - now for the keeper

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  1. Fickle old me has had a fickle old time lately.

    My heart has been ruling me head!!!! Purchases have been made and mostly returned. The only keeper lately has been my Oak Alexa, the others sadly haven't stayed long.

    Finally, and very surprisingly, the bag I least expected to love jumped out at me yesterday which in Mulberry, Glasgow. I tried it on, for size only, to see how I liked the size and fell in love. Very understated and beautiful and quite big. I wasn't going to reveal until I had carried her for fear of her being yet another return. But, today I took her out with me and she felt so lushious. I am in love!!!

    Off to take some photos :smile:
  2. im pleased for you! finally a bag you have fallen in love with!
  3. Waiting with baited breath - I want to see the bag that you fell for!
  4. ooooh hurry up with that camera Tiree! So glad she has been out!!
  5. Yes, live reveal again!
  6. :popcorn: can't wait to find out!
  7. Yesterday was a busy day for reveals whilst today has been quite quiet, yay for a live one!!
  8. I am going to make a wild guess and say Pink Hayden!
  9. I'm going for Mitzy/Daria hobo??
  10. My OH is due home any second so will quickly resize pics and post. I won't drag this out.
  11. :popcorn:

  12. fuzzy - much prefer yr colourful sig to the black one you had....
  13. Oh thanks poppy, it was colourful before I tried to add Hayden and then I got an error that it couldn't be more than 1000 characters long and it wouldn't let me save it. The only thing I could do was change all the text to black, which for some odd reason allowed me to save it fine! And even more bizarrely has since let me back in to change it back to colour again! :wacko:
  14. Right, dd#2's nappy is now changed and i have a hot cup of tea. I am ready!
  15. Here we go, I also have modelling pics and comparison pics with my regular oak by OH has just got home so will need to atleast show him a few mins of attention.

    I introduce to you a definate keeper and I absolutely adore the size and leather.... OS Ink Alexa

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