Many new BVs on Overstock

  1. I randomly checked out Overstock, and they have a ton of BVs listed! :drool: There's an Old Petra Roma and what looks to be a Poudre Sloane. I'm a little bit questioning about the authenticity since I've read both good & bad things about them; however, they allow returns, so it seems like it's worth the risk IMO.

    Sadly, I've recently decided that my next bag needs to be a Pyramid or a messenger bag, so none for me. Although that ebano Sloane is very tempting! :sweatdrop:

    HTH someone!
  2. I know Bluefly BVs are authentic but didn't know Overstock sold them as well. Hmmm.
  3. I bought a nero medium veneta recently from Overstock and it was authentic. Very nice quality! :tup:
  4. Here are pics of my byoootiful orange/brick (don't know the official color, code is 6200 if anyone knows) wallet from Overstock. Under $300!
    BV wallet1.JPG bv wallet2.JPG
  5. thanks for the info!!
  6. Just noticed that the old petra Roma is back up on - if anyone has been wanting this bag go get it!