Manual or Automatic Transmission?


What type of transmission does your car have?

  1. Automatic

  2. Manual

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  1. I'm not a very good driver, and I've always driven an automatic. SO tried to teach me to drive a manual for the first time today, and I'm afraid I didn't do very well...I didn't drive into anything but I stalled the car several times.

    How many of you drive an automatic and how many of you drive a stick-shift? And given the choice, what would you prefer to drive?

    I'd like people to post the pros and cons of either, or both.
  2. Manual
  3. Automatic everytime! I really sucked at manual--I got the hang of it eventually, but I will never willingly buy a car with manual transmission.
  4. automatic
  5. Automatic! I CAN drive a stick but I prefer NOT to! LOL
  6. I really like driving a manual, believe it or not, I think it keeps you 'engaged' in driving....but with kids it is much more sensible to have an automatic.
  7. I wonder if men like driving manual more. Most of the guys I know who are good drivers don't like to drive an automatic because..well, I don't know why but they just don't.

    Maybe guys like the driving 'experience' whereas for me driving is just a means to get to where I want to go - usually the mall!
  8. automatic here
  9. Manual.. All of my cars are manual. I can't stand driving an automatic.

  10. DH loves his manual miata. He says it keeps him awake :biggrin:
  11. Manual, better control over the car, access to power and torque, and it's just FUN!!!!

    But I learned to drive on a manual (visual: Dad's head jerking bath and forth while 15 year old girl struggles to learn to shift in traffic :push: )
  12. When I passed my test in an automatic..all I heard from everyone was ''Ooooh you know your not allowed to drive manual cars dont you!''
    It really got on my nerves! You see, here in the UK, if you pass your test in an automatic then legally you are only allowed to drive an auto car, and your licence is an 'auto only' one.
    If you want to drive manual you will have to re-take your test in a manual car.

    I find automatic more convenient, living in the middle of London with so much
    traffic, as you are constantly stopping and starting.
    However if I lived out in the countryside or whatever, I would love to rev the engine and whizz about in a manual, just for a real 'driving' expericence.
    But until rocks!
  13. Automatic, I am to afraid to learn manual. I would probably hurt the car by stalling to many times.
  14. Automatic. Most automatics now function at a level where they operate faster and more efficiently than manuals.
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