Mantaining suede leather

  1. I've seen this Burberry bag on" target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter
    I was just wondering: how do you mantain a suede bag? I mean, I don't want it to get ruined the first time a rain drop falls on it!
    As I was thinking of getting it for this autumn, but this thing holds me a bit...
    Any suggestion?
  2. I like this bag, too and was vaguely thinking of getting it a few months ago; but suede does worry me a bit, especially for bags, as you are handling them all the time. Also, as they are nearer eye level than shoes, or boots, if they get grubby, it shows more.

    I don't think (clean) rain is the major problem (suede will generally dry out fine, in my experience). I worry far more about oils, from skin and food etc.

    I don't, personally, believe in suede protectors, as I believe they do very little good, spoil the finish somewhat and can lure you into a false sense of security.

    Sorry I couldn't help more!
  3. Thanks chloe.
    Maybe there are some sprays you can use on suede, as those you use for Timberland boots.:graucho: ..I wanted to write to Burberry and ask, but I couldn't find any email address in their site.
  4. No problem! :biggrin:

    Maybe you could try calling the nearest Burberry store?
  5. i'm looking for a silicone spray protectant too.
  6. Try using Apple Guard sprays, even my SA in Vuitton recommends it (secretly). I've personally not tried the spray for suede as I don't own any suede bags,maybe you can try spraying cheaper suede shoes or something and see how they work out in the rain/snow before you take the plunge and spray your suede bags.
  7. Thanks, hope I find it in Italy. I'm thinking of calling Burberry and ask before purchasing that bag.
  8. I purchased a suede bead tote in the color flint last year to run around with for fun. I sprayed it with ugg spray. The bag looks brand new and I wasn't all that careful with it. It did lay on the floor at work etc.
  9. :wlae: Wow! That's what I wanted to know! I'm usually quite careful with bags, but I often leave them on the floor of my bedroom (and my bf gets angry with me for that, he's more careful on my handbags than I actually am)