Mansur Gavriel or Saint Laurent tote?

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  1. Ladies, can you help me choose? What are the feedbacks of these 2 totes? They basically look the same, simple but classy. The only difference I could see are:

    The leather of MG is more structured I think, SL has the added gold charm, and the price. SL is $995 MG is $585.

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  2. This is the saint laurent tote. The first pic was the mansur gavriel tote

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  3. Matches Fashion has a couple colors of the SL totes for $707, if that helps make your decision a bit easier?
  4. Thanks morejunkny. I checked matchesfashion...they dont have the color I want for now, black or navy blue :sad:
  5. They are so similar, what about the interiors? Are they the same as well?
  6. Very similar. MG black tote has a red interior but no snap closing, SL same color interior, has closing & gold charm thus the price difference
  7. One last question: are the leather exteriors the same quality? Do they look the same? The reason I ask is because one looks shinier then the other in the pictures.

  8. MG is shiny and scratches easily. I have actually owned both and didnt love either. MG stays wide open and the pouch that is connected doesnt stay connected to the bag while in the purse. The SL bag is very lightweight and slouchy. If you dont stuff the bag it takes a sloppy shape. The leather seems more durable and it has a magnetic snap to close it (although the magnet is not very strong). IMHO get a Celine instead. I had a cabas tote and sold it as well but the quality was superior to these two.
  9. How interesting.. are the handles of the YSL longer?

  10. Yes i believe they were....they were definitely more prone to falling off your shoulder.
  11. I love the extra length of the straps on the YSL, and I think I like everything else better on the MG, so i guess it depends on what is important to the op..
  12. Interesting. Thank you for these currently using a goyard st louis...3yrs yo be exact. Would like a new one. Initially i wanted a saint laurent tote but based on your review, im not sure anymore

  13. Oh too bad! Their customer service told me to put it on your wish list and the system emails you if it comes back into stock. I was able to get a black one from them (just arrived last week so I do not have an opinion on it yet) but the navy was sold out and I have gotten notifications about the navy coming in (individual returns, maybe? Because I would never have been fast enough before it showed sold out again).

    I like the leather on the MG but the rigid leather looked a bit too bulky on me. I am short but not petite 🙂.
  14. I prefer the look of the SL one. :smile:
  15. I like the MG one, it depends on if you want structure or note. They're the exact same design, but one is stiffer and one is softer.