Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag or MCM Milla Backpack?


Oct 27, 2006
the Mouth of the Columbia
Hello all! I need help choosing a bag. I have the MCM Milla Backpack in black, but don't carry it as much as I thought I would. I think I'm not loving the gold hardware, but I do like the secure closure that seems to be missing on the Lady bag. I have a Lady bag on order arriving today. I can't keep both of them, so the Lady will go back, or I will sell the Milla. Both are about the same price. Thoughts??? I like bags that can go professional to casual and not be strictly one or the other. I work in the creative industry, though, so there is quite a bit of latitude under the professional-look umbrella. ;) Thanks in advance for your advice! MCM-Phantom-Grey-Milla-Backpack-Bag.jpg 756429_in_xl.jpg

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It sounds like you are not completely happy with the MCM Milla Backpack you already have. I personally love the gold hardware, but you don't and its your taste and bag and the Lady Bag is different that way. It sounds as though you know that you probably will end up letting the Milla go and found something similar that matches your taste. I would give the MG a shot if I were you! Try it on when it comes, and follow your gut.
Apr 24, 2016
I personally prefer the slightly more structured look of the MCM backpack, that plus the easily scratchable calf leather on the MG would make it an easy choice for me :smile: Although i have to say, i do love the black exterior / red interior thing they have going on.


Jul 4, 2006
I'd normally pick anything but MG at the moment because I've ended up buying too much of it as usual and getting sick of it quickly. But the lady bag is one bag I still love the look of and do prefer the look of it over the other bag. A good leather conditioner will blend any scratching if that's an issue, it's one of the few MG BAGS I am not selling, the buckets on the other hand are all going!!!
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