Mansur gavriel crossbody problem

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  1. Hi everyone, I'm having a quality issue with my Mansur gavriel crossbody. I bought the bag at the May restock and noticed in the past month that the area around the snap closure is showing the indentation of the snap closure through the leather which is unslightly. Anyone else experiencing this problem? I've attached photos. I have reached out to Mansur gavriel for assistance. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467377611.943460.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467377621.569595.jpg
  2. I agree that the closure shouldn't show through like that. I can't think this is normal. The leather is beautiful though. Is that the veg tanned brandy?
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  3. Thanks it is not normal at all. Yes it is the veggie tanned brandy and at this point I do not ever plan to purchase any Mansur gavriel bag ever again!
  4. I can certainly see how this would discourage you.
  5. Yes well I will reserve comment on other issues I've been dealing with related to this bag. I will say though that have had a friend mention that the problem with the snap makes it look like a female body part. Since then I can't look at the bag the same way!!!!
  6. Haha I think you should insist on your money back that's definitely not normal.
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  7. For real.
  8. It looks odd for sure...but I am pretty sure they'll call it normal wear.

    Let us know how it goes if you pursue it with MG.

    Good luck!
  9. So here's the update: MG insists it is not a defect but we were able to work something out. I don't ever plan to purchase one of their bags again. And that's where I'm going to leave it.
  10. I am glad you were able to work something out. :idea:

    I understand your frustration, though, with MG's customer service.

    Thanks for posting the update.
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