mans wallet


i will buy a backpack very soon i am looking to buy a wallet to match it :biggrin:

i look to this wallet , slender wallet damier infini leather , maybe obvious choice , it is same leather type and same color as my backpack

does anyone know how durable is this and how many bank notes can it hold before stretching , i do not use any card/apple pay to pay for items so i usually carry 20-40 bank notes in the wallet

other option is multiple wallet its also available in this leather / color combination but maybe more space however i prefer as slim as possible

louis-vuitton-slender-wallet-damier-infini-leather-small-leather-goods--N63265_PM2_Front view.jpg louis-vuitton-michael-damier-infini-leather-men-s-bags--N41353_PM2_Front view.jpg

Miss Krys

Jun 14, 2014
If you're planning on carrying a lot of notes, then that style wallet might not be the best as it will not be able to fold as effectively making it bulky or quite possibly damaging/stretching it. The Vertical Zippy is the length of a bill, so the notes don't have to fold/bend, and it can carry quite a's a longer wallet, but it's still slim in width.
thanks for the advice,

im not such keen on "portrait" wallets,so i decided to just order the bag for now i will go check the wallets out like i did with the bag, there is no rush and buying the items is part of the fun so no harm to spread it out,