Man's girlfriend-once-bloke 'disgust'

  1. This story is unbelievable and wrong on a number of fronts:

    Invasion of privacy by the police.
    Inappropriate use of information by the police.
    Thuggery on the part of the boyfriend.
    Dishonesty on the part of the girlfriend.,25197,23174464-12377,00.html

    February 07, 2008

    A MAN has told a Sydney court he was "disgusted and disturbed" after being told by police while in custody that his girlfriend had once been a man.

    Garrick Jacobson, 26, was in custody at Surry Hills police station on September 24, 2006, when two police officers allegedly told him his girlfriend, Brigitte Fell, had undergone a sex change operation.

    Constables Tyrone Stacey and Brendan Ritson, who were present in court today, had allegedly used the police computer system to retrieve confidential personal files.

    Both have pleaded not guilty in Downing Centre Local Court to unlawful disclosure of information.

    Mr Jacobson, who is awaiting sentencing over the bashing of Ms Fell, appeared as a witness in the case of Constables Stacey and Ritson today.

    He said he was intoxicated at the time and did not recall exactly how the officers informed him about Ms Fell.

    "I can't remember too much, I was intoxicated ... my memory is vague,'' Mr Jacobson told the court.

    "Somehow I got the information that the victim, Brigitte Fell, was indeed a man.

    "I was disgusted and disturbed ... and distressed.

    "I felt deceived ... because the female I had been with had been a male - had had a sex change.''

    Ms Fell told the court on Tuesday that she had been born a male and had undergone gender reassignment surgery about 12 years ago.

    Mr Jacobson has already pleaded guilty to charges that in the early hours of the morning after his detention he went to Ms Fell's apartment and assaulted her.

    "You didn't tell me you were actually a man,'' Mr Jacobson recalled saying to Ms Fell.

    "I'm going to smash you.''

    Ms Fell spent several days in hospital after the attack.

    The hearing is continuing.
  2. OMG! No, I do not think that he had a right to go over and assault *her*, but he did have a right to know that she was born a he!
  3. But that information wasn't the officers' to give.

    And the way they did it was just disgusting and insensitive.
  4. I feel bad for Ms Fell. It's hard enough going through the procedure in the first place! To be accepted and to find love is even harder. I'm disgusted by the man that assaulted her and the way the police handled the information!
  5. This is so wrong on so many levels. She should have told him, the police shouldnt have said anything. And he shouldnt have gone over there and hurt her.
  6. Poor guy.
  7. Ugh, this is a violation of privacy. I feel very bad for the girlfriend, the police had absolutely no right.
  8. Both officers should definately lose their jobs for unlawful disclosure of information. Absolutely irresponsible!

    I feel bad for both and there's no excuse for the guy to go there and beat her up. The article doesn't say if they ever had sex so I wonder if they have and that's why he was enraged. I guess I can understand why she held that information to herself. I don't think any man would ever consider a second date with anyone had they known she had been a man in the beginning. But if they had a sexual relationship and she decided not to tell him, then I'm sure most men would've acted the same if they had been as drunk as this guy. This whole thing is just wrong.
  9. double
  10. I didn't mean that the police should have told him...Ms Fell should have told him. What happened to her is awful for sure, and I am not justifying what he did, but it is not fair to keep that from someone you are dating and being intimate with.
  11. That is so horrible -- she is not a man. TG is a hugely sensitive topic that people have a lot of misconceptions about. Since she was 100% transitioned for twelve years, she has every right to not be outed like that. I do not believe that she needed to tell him if they were not yet long-term or serious -- I don't think anyone airs all their dirty laundry as soon as they start dating. If he didn't feel comfortable being with a trans woman, than he had every right to break up, not try and break her head!
  12. There are a ton of men -- gay, straight, bisexual -- who are in relationships with TG folks. Some partners stay together through the transition, others meet afterwards. There's also a wide range in TG bodies, having different combinations of hormone therapy, and "top" and "bottom" surgery, so sex is not always going to reveal a person's past history.
  13. ^^ Sorry, I meant to say most, not all men. I understand that there are folks out there who are having relations with TG folks and I happen to have an uncle who's TG. She's currently using hormones but still hasn't done the surgery but plans to in the future. Her biggest issues are with men such as Mr Jacobs. Her truth is that a large majority of the men she's dated acted like Mr Jacobs after she told them she was a man. And of course sex is not always going to reveal a person's past history but it could've ended up like "The Gwen Araujo Story." She was TG teen who was killed by men who'd had sex with her and were shocked to discover, weeks later, that she was biologically male. My parents neighbor's son was one of the killers. I'm not saying it's right but there are those men that are less accepting to have sex with a person that was once a man.
  14. did they assume that he already knew? Im sure the kind of people the police deal with from day to day...they probably assume that he was ok with that. saw it on law and order once. lol

    also, the guy beat up the "girl" because technically "she" was a guy. so "she" is not really a "she" but a "he"...ok that is confusing

    so it was a two guy fight.
  15. No, it wasn't a two guy fight, she's been female for 12 years. The officers had no right to assume he knew she was once male, and tell him. How'd you feel if the police told your SO something about your past he/she didn't know?

    Gender Identity os important to TG's, and they undergo a LOT of therapy, mental as well as physical before they can have the surgical gender reassignment. I'd dare to say she was probably more comfortable in her female gender than she ever was as a make. For the cops to so callously throw all she'd been through aside like it was a joke isn't right. As I always say, but for the Grace Of The Gods...

    Another excellent movie on how TG's are treated, watch "Boys Don't Cry" with Hillary Swank. Another true story of a TG (before surgery) where innocents died because of some yahoo's dislike for something they don't understand.