Manosque pm?

  1. does anybody own this bag? i saw this bag on eluxury today and fell in love with it. is it comfortable to carry? haven't seen it IRL so i want an owner's opinion. or at least someone who has tried it on at the store. was not a fan of the damier line but i love the way this bag looks! i am 5 ft. 2 in. tall. will this overwhelm me? would appreciate feedback. thanks!
  2. i adore this bag too. saw it once irl and it's TDF. however, i think it suits women who are older. *shrugs*
  3. I have the GM and love it...someone else had the PM and changed it for the GM....twiggers, I think...
  4. thanks for responding guys!
    milodrinker- i'm just 32 but it appeals to me still. hmm...might have to go to the lv store this weekend to see it for myself.
    taco- how old are you? if you dont mind my asking (no need to answer if you do). do you find this too "old" looking?
    gosh, this growing lv obssession is bad for my wallet. :smile:
  5. Nah, I don't mind. I am old for this board, 45, but I can tell you that this is the bag I get the most compliments on.
  6. i've tried this bag on in the store and I love it! my only concern was that in a crowded space, someone might be able to reach their hands into the purse and take something.
  7. This bag is soooo cute, but it's really open on top and that made me very nervous and I didn't get it.
  8. It's funny how some of you posted that this looks "older". My husband said the same thing just a few minutes ago. I have always thought this bag was cute, so I asked him to come look at the picture. He said it looks like an old lady's bag. I personally don't think it does, but that's what he said. I think maybe the outside pocket has something to do with it.:shrugs:
  9. wow! pretty, but i dont like the outside pocket (imo)
  10. I have this bag (and I'm 25, lol). I LOVE it! Also, it's not as easy to reach in and snatch your belongings as you might think, particularly if you keep the clip closure snapped in place. It really works to secure the bag. Sometimes it annoys the hell out of me that I can't pull my wallet out witout unsnapping the clip!
  11. that's good to know. maybe I should try the bag on again and try to pull my wallet, etc. in and out.