Manosque GM

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I love it and am considering this one as well. For those of you who remember, I just ordered a Chelsea (:love: which should arrive today).
  2. pic??
  3. It should be on Elux right now. I'm not that good with posting pictures yet ( but I'm working on it).
  4. Susu we are on the same wavelength, first the carryall, then the chelsea, and now the manosque!!! I love love the MGM, I tried it on and felt like I was on the streets of Paris :lol: . It so gorgeous and chic! I didn't want to put her down, toddler said "mommy let's go" and reality check! I conceded that if I'm spending 1600 on a bag, I'd better be able to put her on my shoulder :idea: :lol: . She's a beauty though. Please give a review of Chelsea, I think she has bumped Cabas M off my list!
  5. [​IMG]

    Pamela Anderson has this bag too !
  6. I think it is a luxurious tote. I had it sent to me about a month ago because I'd seen Pamela Anderson (as noted above) wearing it and thought it looked very chic. But alas, it was not for me (and I am 5' 8'') and so it went back. I think it does resemble a bag you would see at a resort to carry 'everything' you would need (it is very large). There were only two things I did not like about it and is why I sent it back >> The top of the bag was sooo much wider than the bottom so I kept bumping into things. Also, the top is an open top (with a clip to hold it together) so I wouldn't venture into the city with it (easy for someone to put their hand right down the bag).
  7. Ayla:

    You are so sweet and always willing to help out a fellow board member! Thanks for positing the photo!


    I think that you and I are long lost sisters!!! I see what you mean about the bag not being shoulder carried. But it's such a beautiful bag. I may have to give in:love:
  8. Very nice bag :smile: But i think its something I would use when going away for a weekend or perhaps a day at the beach/park kind of deal.
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