1. Ok so I wan to buy THESE shoes but the only size available is a 37.5B... I usually buy size 7 on pumps.... so I was wondering if this would fit since Im not to familiar with these shoes...
  2. I would say yes. Its a half size up and the sides are open. Those are really cute!
  3. well im 6.5 in some shoes but i usually like to buy 7 depends on the shoes.... so i was thinking that maybe they would be kinda loose on my feet.... specially since it does not have any straps or anything... their open
  4. Its hard to say. I purchased some blahniks and was even sized in the store and they ended up being too big. Usually I wear an 8 and had gotten a 9. I think Manolo blahniks are usually more narrow? I think they should fit you. You can always return them if they don't. Its worth a shot if you really like them, plus they are on sale.
  5. Wow, you're right! I always thought they had pretty much the same items as far as price! They got some awesomes deals going on. Thanks!
  6. Awesome shoes! Thank you for the heads up!
  7. Wow thx.....
  8. no problem, I wanted to buy them for myself, but I am two sizes bigger!! I knew I had seen them somewhere else for $200-something :p
  9. I have to size up either a half or whole size for Manolo. Definitely too narrow for my foot for them to work in my regular size.