Manolos vs Louboutins..Which one to buy

  1. need help..which one would you all recommend for a wider foot? i'm tts in dior, miu-miu and gucci..not sure which one to get next..manolo blahnik and christian louboutin?

    *and CL rolande pumps/slingbacks;how do they fit??

  2. I find choos run wider than manolos, but that's just my own experience
  3. Agree with PP - Choo runs the widest IMHO, then Manolo. CL is the narrowest of the 3 for me.
  4. CL's are very narrow...I don't own any Choos or Manolo's, but I've tried both on and never bought a pair because I find both beautiful (especially Manolo's) I've never thought they are comfortable. Honestly, I give props to any woman who can walk in either, because I honestly don't think I'd get very, although CL's are NARROW, somehow I find them comfy. You just might have to go up 1/2 or 1 size from what you normally wear.
  5. I was a Manolo fan until I had my baby and could not bear to wear pointy toed shoes. I like CLs because the toes are rounder, but cannot deal with the heel height. For me, I buy depending on the style and comfort, not necessarily for the brand. Good luck in deciding which to get. They are both great shoes.
  6. If you have wide feet then I'd say the one CL style to *avoid* is the Rolande and Rolando, as those 2 styles are very narrow up front and expose significant, significant toe cleavage (most people I know with wide feet don't like the way their feet look in that shoe). CL's round-toe styles such as Simple, Mia, Miss Tick, etc. are much more accomodating for feet of various widths; for pointy-toed CL's, check out Pigalle 100 (I wouldn't recommend Helmut for those with wide feet). On the whole CL's are cut narrower than Manolo's.
  7. I would have to agree with Foxy's statement about the Rolandes. I bought the nude rolande and even though I bought it a half size larger than my other CLs, they are still very narrow in the toe area. I am afraid they will never be worn outside of the house.
  8. Oh so THAT's the secret - LOL! You never wear them outside! I have been known to carry comfortable shoes with me to surreptiously change into for longer walks around but that is a bite and a half. Especially when the shoes you are toting are a size 12 like mine are
  9. if you have wider feet, def. Manolos and you have to size up, if you tts in Gucci, then 1/2 size bigger in Manolos. Works for me.
  10. thanks for all the pointers:yahoo:
  11. I think it's a matter of fit, not just of width. My feet are somewhere btwn the standard M and W. I adore CL's and so long as I size up, I'm usually okay. I wouldn't run marathons in some styles, but I get thru the day. :yes: Manolo's usually fit me to a tee, and in general, I find them as comfortable or more so than CL's. However, my Choo collection is severely deficient because while some have said that they are wider than Manolo or CL, I find they fit me very poorly. Even sized up or down accordingly, they fit very awkwardly and always feel too tight at the widest part of the feet.

    I would advise to try on each, if you can. And like others have said, if you're looking for Rolando's, do expect a very narrow toebox.
  12. fatefullotus i sooo love your shoe collection btw
  13. I agree that Manolos are cut wider than CLs. I find that Manolos are my go-to comfort shoes when I need to get through the entire day without incident. However, I find CL's styles are much more stunning, and much more exciting to wear than my Manolos.

    I also have several pairs of Jimmy Choo shoes. However, as fatefullotus posted, most of my Choo shoes fit awkwardly. Some pinch my heel, some pinch my toes, and some don't feel as stable as my other designer heels. Even repeated trips to the cobbler have not made my Choos fit any better.
  14. i have to agree with everyone who finds CLs more narrow than MBs or JCs. i fell in love with the CL prive, however it was way too tight and when i sized up, way too long. i can wear CLs in a size up that are closed toe however. i usually wear MBs though. they fit (me) the best.
  15. used to be a manolo fan but honestly they are quite uncomfortable to wear. so maybe choos will be a better choice coz i think they are great for my feet-since they are kinda wide. i dont find CL to be too narrow; i think i can squeeze mine in ok