Manolo's too big and can't return..need help!

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  1. I recently bought a pair of Manolo's online that were on sale and they are too big. I can't return them. Ugh! Does anyone have any suggestions? The backs slide up when I walk and I am hoping maybe someone here can recommend a product that I can put on the back of the heel so it won't slide. Any info is appreciated...Thanks!:smile:
  2. Dr. Scholls for Her Heel Liners
  3. i would try a heel grip. what style is it? a toe pad might help, too.
  4. My foot doctor always recommends putting padding on the underside of the top of the shoe, where your foot first goes in. This will keep it from sliding forward.
  5. Are there pads you can put on back of the heel? One of my CLs are too big and there is a little bit of spacing between the back of my toe and the back of my shoe.
  6. I always use heel pads. Works great. Never use the gel kind they roll and never stay in place.