Manolos or Dior- Please help me decide


Which shoes should I get?

  1. Brown Manolo D'orsays

  2. Black patent Dior ankle boots

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  1. I found out there is a Saks ECG in a couple of weeks which is great because there are 2 shoes I really want. I can only get one right now though I am concerned that the one I can't get will sell out, but getting both is not an option right now.

    The first pair are Manolo d'orsays. They are this same shoe, except in brown.

    The pros would be the heel is low enough I can wear them on the weekends as well as at work. I love the color, they are comfortable and I love the style. There are really no cons.

    The second pair are Dior shoe boots. I :heart::heart: these. They are comfortable.

    The pros is that they are gorgeous and they are patent leather. I am have not been a big logo person with my shoes and I debated if I should wear shoes with so obvious a logo. Also, I don't think the boots would be quite as versatile.

    I really want both and I am concerned that they will sell out before I can get the second pair next month. Saks on line has already sold out of the Dior boots (which is why I had to use Berdorf's link :yes:). I was at the Dior boutique in my area last week and they said they had just received them so I am a little more confident that I may still be able to get the shoes in September. The Saks where I saw the Manolos last month was already out of my size, but the SA I am working with now says she should be able to get them.

    Just fyi, I am a mom, I have an infant and an older child and will be going back to work full time next month. I have to dress on the classic/conservative side at work, but I like to add edgy touches. People usually think I am about 10 yrs younger than I am (ie they think I am still in my 30's).

    I know this was long-winded, sorry.
  2. Get the Manolo's, although I am a wee bit biased. Every pair I have holds up really well and I think the Manolo's will be something you can wear every season.
  3. The Dior boots might be a bit trendy (who knows how long the ankle boot trend will last), but they are so HOT! The Manolos are nice, but a bit too conservative for me. Depends if you want to be conservative vs. trendy? The Manolos would probably be more versatile, but under long pants, I don't think it would matter much. The Diors with the edgy touch would be great.
  4. I like the Diors.
  5. The Diors are very trendy, but I like them better than the Manolos. The Manolos are classic so you may get more use of them as you can wear them to work more often....I guess it just depends on what you want as they are two very different styles.
  6. I love the Dior ankle boots!
    I don't think that they are super trendy, definitely not something that will go away next year. It really depends on what you want to get though.
    A lot of dior items hold up to trends well. I always regret not getting something because "it's too trendy" but I see it several years later and they still look fabulous.
  7. I really like the Diors. I usually love Manolos but I am not too keen on these ones.
  8. Just get the Manolo simply for the reason that you can't find any cons or have any doubts about them!
  9. manolos handsdown!

    the diors are hot, but way too trendy and don't seem like a smart purchase if you're a SAHM going back to the work force.

    plus, i really think they'll go on sale later and you can try to chase them down then.
  10. I really like the Dior boots. Even though patent is the trend right now; it's been in for a while for me. I've got patent Gucci slingbacks I bought in '03 and wedges I bought maybe a yr before that. I think you can rock the Dior boots for years to come...jut pair them with a nice pair of slacks, or a cute skirt and tights.
    IMHO the manolos although comfy, are a bit too conservative to me. But, if that's the look you are going for, then get them instead...Naaahhh, get the Diors :smile:.
  11. I voted for Dior just because when I looked at them I went "Wow." They are hot! I like the Manolos but not the same reaction.
  12. I usually love manolos, but this style is a bit frumpy for my liking so I voted for the Diors. I think they are edgy without being OTT. They would go with work outfits, adding life to a consevative pants suit or skirt. You say you dress and appear as if you're in your 30's, so I say go for the hot booties :tup:
  13. Sounds like based on your lifestyle, the Manolo's fit better. But do you have anything similar?
  14. LOL the poll is still tied. I do have some other brown shoes that have a bit of pop. My only pair of Manolos are red pumps that are lizard print also....

    Thanks for all of the input, the deliberations continue...:yes:
  15. Get the Manolos since they'll be around for many seasons to come.