Manolos HELP!!

  1. There are a lot of subtle variations from shoe to shoe, even within the same style. Me and three of my friends noticed differences in our silver Sedaraby's and they all came from the same boutique. Your shoes are 100% authentic...and really gorgeous, too! Enjoy them!
  2. Whew, sigh of smelled like manolo leather..but i just wasnt totally sure. :smile: thanks for the peace of mind.
  3. HEHE I have those shoes....yours are real real real!!
  4. they are absolutly authentic.
  5. 100% real...and I have dozens of Manolos in my closet.
  6. I went home and compared it to my other manolos....the stamp on the bottom of the shoes all face the right lthe m looks like a sigma sign. But the pair i have are backwards??? COULD YOU LADIES check yours and make sure!!!
  7. Lovely shoes! You got a steal!
  8. they do look authentic too me!! enjoy them!
  9. they're beautiful!!!:shame:
  10. Are they a true fit?