manolo silver leather sederaby problem..

  1. will these shoes stretch as i wear them? i had to go a full size down to keep them on my feet and they are TIGHT... i HAD to have them, but im worried i wont get the use out of them that i want to bc of the tight fit. anyone else who owns these - did they stretch and give a little at all? also, did the decal on the top loosen at all or did it remain tightly sewn on?
    THANK YOU!!!
  2. Manolos run small and narrow, I always have to go up half a size. So, no, I would not count on them stretching to feel comfortable for you. I would return them if possible.
  3. Thanks for replying!! I always go up half a size in manolos too... but the guy in bergorfs insisted that everyone goes down a size in the sederaby style. ive already worn them out, so returns are not a possibility.. just curious to see if anyone's sederabys loosened.
  4. I've had mine a couple of years and they have stretched some. Most Manolo d'Osays have been TTS for me (different ones), where the majority of Manolos run small. I normally wear a 10 and buy a 40 in the d'Orsay style. I've had to put heel grips in to counteract the slight stretching.
  5. Oooo so they HAVE stretched.. how long did it take to feel that stretch? did the crystal brooch loosen at all with the stretching?
  6. Most Manolo's run small including boots BUT Sederaby's and most d'Orsay do run biggger and I do have to size down in these styles so my feet don't slip out when I walk. IMO the leather does soften and give a little with wear.
  7. ITA with this. I have to size up in anything closed-toe to a 40, but in d'orsay and sandal styles, I am a 39.

    I just bought the Sedarabys the other day, and wore them yesterday. They were a tad stiff at the front, but they will give with wear. My black pumps have stretched nicely and the leather is super soft, making the shoes so comfortable.
  8. I would get them stretched or walk around the house in them with thick socks on. I do that w/ new shoes to break them in.
    Congrats on the gorgeous shoes!!
  9. Why don't you just have them stretched at a cobbler? Shoe Service Plus in NY has stretched Manolos for me before
  10. or..why not buy a shoe stretcher?
  11. my silver sedarabys have stretched a little but not much. i had to size down by half from my normal manolo sandal size for comfort. i think that if they feel that tight, you should consider getting your next half size up. you can always wear those foot petal things to keep your feet from sliding forward or add something to the heel bit to help with sizing. :smile:
  12. I don't really remember, but maybe after 5-6 wears. The brooch hasn't loosened at all. If they are *really* tight, I'd probably get a 1/2 size larger.
  13. I've had the same experience. I have the sedarabys in camo, silver and baby blue--all in a 39. I also have the Mayah in a 39, but any other style, like a pump--is WAY too tight in a 39. Go figure ...
  14. Do you get much wear out of your camos??? I love love love those shoes!

    My silver Sedarabys might have stretched a little, but not much. I think they might have given me a little blister once or twice, but most of my shoes do.

    Manolos seem pretty TTS to me. My feet are average, and about an 8.5, and definitely not narrow.
  15. I just wanted to say that I wore my Sedarabys again today and they fit wonderfully. Even with just one wear, I could feel that they were a bit more loose in the toe area. I did a lot of walking today at work (mostly to the bathroom, I drank way too much water :p) and they were extremely comfortable.