Manolo Sandal dilema..... how can I handle it..????

  1. Ladies, I need your help!!

    I bought a pair of Manolo shoes(a similar design like this pic, but mine has leopard prints) last summer from Nordi, and I thought that I can pull it off, but I could not wear it during the last summer, and I am not sure I can wear it on this summer also....

    It was uncomfortable when I tried it, and it was expected considering it is a high heel, but I thought that it would be ok and I can handle it if I wear it only when I don't need to walk much (Actually, this shoes made my feel look soooo good, so I guess I was completely blinded)

    But after trying it again and again at home, I realized I cannot even walk around of my house well because it is so uncomfortable....... the high heel gave me hard time, but the biggest problem is the strap did not make my feet stay in the shoes. Whenever I walk around, my feet stay away so much from the insole(hum....hard to explain...), so it really makes me hard to walk... :crybaby:

    Does anyone have this shoes... I don't know what to do with it anymore.. I don't want to make $300 shoes(yes, it was on sale!) sitting on my closet..... :s I hope I returned it back earlier.....

    Any comments and advice would be appreciated! TIA!!!!

  2. I had a pair of Jimmy Choos like that a few years ago...I ended up selling them on some of my money back. Wish I had more to offer in advice, but that is about it...good luck.
  3. I actually have this exact same style, but in blue denim with a dark brown tie. I think I understand what you mean - with a lot of "strappy" style sandals the foot does tend to slide down and feel as though it's not being securely held by shoe, but I've found that once you have/wear a few pairs like that you get used to it and it doesn't feel so weird. Also, the great thing about these is that they have the tie - they can be adjusted/tied tighter and that should help them to feel a little more secure on the foot.
  4. try putting them on eBay - i would buy them! then you can buy a pair that fits you the way you want it to..
  5. i had a leopard version of this shoe as well. i think they're called the venusa. i put foot petals in to stop my feet from sliding forward and i found that it made it more comfortable. i also agree with couture that making sure they are tied on properly helps.
  6. omg they must look gorgeous..wear them just to go out from the car to the restaurant and back..i have few pairs of shoes like that..
    one time i had them on a party was horrible...i coud just stand on the bar .that was it..but i wear them if i don't need to walk long time..
  7. ^^I think weddings are the worst! My feet always kill me at a wedding. Some way or another, I always end up standing for the longest time, and I'm dying when I get home.
  8. I'm echoing other's sentiments here, but my first thought was to tell you to just cut your losses and sell them on eBay. Try and get back some of your money and put them towards another pair of shoes that you feel comfortable in, can walk in, and will make you feel fab!
  9. i have these in brown suede. i love the way they look... but they are really only for times when there will not be a lot of walking/standing. i even wore them when i was pregnant and it was o.k. but i had to keep the walking/standing to a minimum. if this is not o.k. with you - because you need to be able to walk and stand in your shoes for any extended length of time - which is understandable - then sell them on ebay...
  10. Thanks everyone for your advice!
    I'll try more practice at home(weird to say practice shoes LOL) and sell them on ebay if it doesn't work. (it would be too sad to say good bye to my fabulous Manolo..)