Manolo Sales

  1. As a new Manolos-addict, I was wondering if there's ever a sale at the Manolo boutiques??

    And are the manolos in Neimans are on sale once a year or twice? I know there's the summer sale? Is there a winter sale too?

  2. Yes - I once got a pair of Carolyn's at Neiman Marcus for about $200. Check Bergdorf Goodman's and NM's websites - sometimes they go on sale before January. They definitely have them on sale more than once a year. Make sure you get on their mailing lists and just check when you get an email saying that there's new sale items. Also, I've gotten Manolo's 1/2 off at Barney's in January and July. Also, eBay is always a good resource - just know your size, since they're often not returnable!
  3. As far as I can recall, the boutique also has sales around the same time as the major stores (twice a year) in NYC btu I actually preferred the sales at Bergdorf. Neiman and Bergdorf sales are also available online but the problem with that is knowing your size. I own several and I have different sizes in different styles.
    There's nothing better than getting a pair of Manolos half off, it is like winning the lottery!
  4. Yes, the boutique has 2 sales a year.
  5. What a great deal, mich!
  6. Yeah, I know it was a great deal - I snapped them right up without hesitation when I saw them in my size!
  7. Bergdorf's has much better sales than the boutiques. You can really score, especially at the end they're 60% off and a great selection. I got butterflops, which never go on sale, for $215. The boutique sale is ridiculous...the store is just too small to handle the number of people who show up for the sale.
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