Manolo Maven's LV

  1. I don't have photos of my other bags (a couple Guccis, a Jimmy Choo, a Bottega, a few Diors) but Louis is my first love, so here's my goodies:

    My latest addition, CB Sac Retro:

    My Macha Waltz, surrounded by CB, Mono, and Cerises pochettes:

    Mini Mono Alma long, black Epi Ombre, white Le Tal:

    Fuchsia Bedford, Greene, and Porte-monnaie:

    Red Sutton (travel bag):

    Silver Spring Street and Lavendar Horiztonal Sullivan:

    Beige Thompkins Sq, Florentine clutch, Pink Murray backpack:

    Baby Blue Bleecker, Mercer (carryon), and Bedford:
  2. LOVE your collection!
    You don't have many of the popular Mono pieces and I love that!!!
    Baby Blue Bleecker, Florentine clutch,and Waltz are TDF
    GREAT collection!:love: :love: :love:

    Let's see some of your shoes!!!!
  3. Let's do the WALTZ LEE LEE!!!! ;)

  4. Wow, just beautiful! Very diverse and interesting collection. Love the clutch and Bedfords.
  5. LEELEE!!! :biggrin: :heart: ur collection. ;)

    mmmm... white suhali
  6. Love the diversity! Great collection!
  7. I love your Baby Blue Bleecker!. How much does it hold?
  8. OMG, the Waltz Macha and the Blue Vernis Mercer!!! Those items are TDF - lovely collection.
  9. Where's the McKenna Shine bag? LOL. Your bag collection is hot; I want your CB retro bag so badly. I love that your bags are limited edition/rare items.
  10. :shocked: Wow!!!:love:
  11. Gorgeous!!!! Can I have one??? Trade??
  12. STUNNING!!!:love: If you EVER want to get rid of your Macha you know who to call!!!;)
  13. Gorgeous collection!
  14. OMG I love your Fleurs pochette!! I'm trying to find the keepall in that line =(
  15. Gorgeous collection! Love the Florentine clutch. I have never seen that before.