Manolo is in front of my door...

  1. Guess what came in the mail...


    I'm so excited... I actually got it a couple of days ago, but haven't managed to take a picture of it since I left my camera at my friend's car...

    But here it is.. I still haven't wear it anywhere.. I'm waiting for the right occasion... It might be this weekend in Atlanta for dinner with my boyfriend


  2. Those are HOT!
  3. Wow! Those look great!
  4. those are so HOT! i love the camparis.
  5. Gorgeous!!
  6. Those are beautiful!
  7. wow
  8. so hot!!
  9. Ooh those are hot on you! I've been lusting after a pair in black patent!
  10. OMG, hot!
  11. Love this! Gorgeous!
  12. Thanks...everyone...

    I know only in tPF where you guys will appreciate my shopping :P .. My bf certainly do not like me purchasing stuff (even though I don't spent his money on my spree)

    Tweetie: Go and buy one!!... Before they run out at the store, it sold pretty fast for the black campari. But since I have a black patent manolos already, I like a different color for the mary janes...
  13. Amazing shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I received mine this morning! They are gorgeous and so comfortable! =)
  15. Oh my, those are TDF :love: