Manolo Blahnik Watersnake Boots

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  1. Hi everyone, does any one own Manolo Blahnik watersnake stretch boots? I have one on hold and have not been able to try them on, does anyone know how they fit and if they can accommodate a "decent" size calf :rolleyes:? I'm kind of afraid that I can pull them up but not off :Push:
  2. Manolos normally are 14" calf max. Thus the reason I have none that will go over mine.
  3. lol, I love that you know the measurements. One of the managers at my store told me that at the Nordstrom store he used to work at, when women couldn't pull tight boots off they'd have to go over to cosmetics and powder their calves up to get them off...
    I was too embarrassed to try them on in the store in front of people in case they got stuck! I'm assuming that's 14" at the widest? Hopefully they don't go much smaller because I'm about 14.5"....
  4. I have very thin calves 12-13" and those are one of the few brands that have worked for me when I tried them on. I haven't tried that specific style though.