Manolo Blahnik Swan needs some protecting!


Mar 14, 2012
Miami, FL
My best friend bought the Swan shoe by Manolo Blahnik for her wedding but is terrified of getting stains on them. I searched around TPF for a while, and the general consensus I got from the Louboutin forum was that Apple Guard could be used to protect the satin. Does anyone know if this will affect the embellishment at all? I would hate to suggest this to her and end up ruining her shoes, but I do trust the CL ladies, who seem to have enough experience with this.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Has anyone tried this with this or a similar shoe before? Thanks!


Jun 4, 2006
Apple Guard? the lotion? :nogood:

I believe the consensus in the CL subforum is Meltonian spray... Ntntgo is the guru who started one of the greatest threads... I'm pretty sure those of us who have been collecting for a long time prefer this instead... Apple Guard may be good for leather bags or even leather CL might be okay, but definitely NOT for satin!