Manolo Blahnik Something Blue!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So i found these shoes which i have been looking for forever after seeing them on the SATC movie...but i really cannot affore $1000 shoes! I found a great deal on a pair on eBay, but i am not sure if they are real... please tell me what you think!

    here is the link:

    thanks so much!:heart:
  2. No these are not real. The color bleed.....bad stitching! Never with a Manolo! Do not buy these.
  3. Fake.
  4. Everything looks too wrinkly, poor fit and finish. Not what a Manolo shoe is.
  5. Those are the cheap Chinese ones. I think the market is flooded with fakes... Sigh... My neighbor who loves her fakes already has all 3 colors (black, blue, and the purple), she ordered them from China. In the Athens Manolo store I've only seen the black pair.
  6. Wow $405 & 9 bids, and it says in the auction "I don't know if these are authentic so only bid what you are comfortable paying for a replica ... $400 is a big NO-NO. Holy Cow.
  7. I emailed the auction lister, he has 100% positive feedback and admits he knows nothing about shoes and is just doing a friend a favor and gave him the heads up about the authenticty of the shoes and explained my reasons (doing my good ebay deed of the day!)

    Anyway, he asked to be directed to the forum, and I sent him the link.

    Just an FYI...hopefully the auction will be taken down

  8. I hope you can get a genuine, authentic pair for a good price:smile:

    Those however are horrid. The stitching, dye bleed. And is it just me or is the brooch extremely blingy. I know they sparkle, but those seem extremely bright.
  9. Fake!!!! I have the real thing and they look nothing like those. The stitching is a dead giveaway. The heel shape is way off. I have the straight heel and it looks nothing like that. I hope they shut that auction down!
  10. Sorry, but reeeeeeally fake. The metal heel section is far too thin.
  11. FAKE! And not even good fakes!
  12. I have reported that listing and I would appreciate it if you gals did so too. I want to hurl!
  13. I did

  14. I don't believe that for a minute! The problem with giving heads up about authenticity is that you are essentially telling the counterfeiters what is wrong with the fake merchandise and then they go and make it better. So a good deed turns into a mistake.