Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale

  1. Just got back from it, an hour ago :yahoo: :yahoo::wlae:. My friends and I got there at 8am (doors opend at 9am). HUGE selection, but I only got two pairs :hysteric:. I was planning on getting 5 pairs. Damn my big feet. The collection for ladies sho wear size 6.5 - 8.5 was outstanding.
  2. It was great! I got 6 pairs. My hubby might get mad about so many, though, and I may need to sell a few on eBay :sad:. I got in around 11:30 and mostly it was size 35.5-37 left. There are still TONS for anyone who is thinking of going. CASH ONLY! No D'Orsays and very very few Camparis (didn't manage to snag any myself)
  3. Where was the sale? I wish I knew sooner...
  4. Where is this? I'm making a road trip out of this next year!
  5. PICS???? I want to see what you ladies in NYC hoard at... Come on show it!!! Flaunt it!!
  6. I'll post tomorrow when it's not too gloomy in NY to take pics! I had to put a few pairs on eBay, sadly - too tight, and hubby didn't approve. Hope they sell. Ah well!
  7. Here are my babies I got at the Sample sale last week. I paid $125 for each pair (they both retail for $800)

  8. Wow i wish I knew about this sale. It would be amazing if someone let us know in advance next time they have one. I know its not advertised anywhere, where did you ladies find out about it?
  9. Oh my gosh, those are FABULOUS!!! Good work Sassys - my take wasn't nearly as good, but I got there later. Lesson learned for me!
  10. Minnie, I found out that day. Someone at work knew someone who knew someone. And I ran right off!
  11. Sassy you picked up some amazing shoes and mich i can't wait to see yours. Ladies please let me know next time !!

  12. $125 each?


    I wish I went.... :crybaby:
  13. Hi Ladies, here are the Manolos I bought at the sale. I think the purple lizard slings are my fave. Sadly, I just had to post 2 pairs on eBay (tad too small). Bummer! But it was a zoo, and I didn't have time to properly try them on. Next time, must wear hose! Sigh... :yes:
  14. *jaw drop* So jealous.
  15. Great hawl mich327!!!!!
    I'm VERY jealous, now why don't I live in NY!!!!