Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I just found out that the Manolo sale was today! If anyone went, please post pics of what you got!! I'm sooooo disappointed that I missed it....
  2. how did you find out it was today? Also I too would love to see pics.
  3. I thought it was next week. I booked a ticket from SF. Does anyone know if there are other sample sales next week?
  4. OMG!!!! How do you get on a list to find out about this? Has anyone ever gone before, what kind of deals do they have???? TIA...
  5. I was at one last year - someone I knew at the time found out from a friend of a friend.... I was not on the list but got in with the general public. There is no way of getting on the list - it is closed, meaning that you have to be a member of the press affiliated with MB. So basically there's no way of finding out unless you know someone or it gets leaked somehow. Last year I bought 10 pairs of Manolos for $100 each. I was really hoping there would be a sale next week and even booked a ticket from Canada. Oh well, better luck next time!
  6. Just as an FYI - I heard that they changed it because too many people found out about it and it has been a zoo the past couple of years
  7. And by the way, it was definitely today - not next week. I had work meetings and had to miss it, too :sad:
  8. boohoo!
  9. i feel like writing in this can spawn a lot of hatred since i sure as heck would be panged with jealousy if i had miss the same deals. haha i had heard about it from a coworker who was just returning from the sale, so i ran over there with about 45 mins left, and i must confess that this is about the best SS sample sale i have been to. there was no line, no crowds, no fuss. to top it off, the prices were insane and probably the lowest you'll ever find were just $100 a pair (with the exception of boots which ran for $300). i bought 3 pairs in a span of 10 mins and had there been more time to sift, i wouldve probably walked out with more. sorry to those who had missed was definitely a luck of the draw.
  10. what city is the sale in?
  11. OMG ~~~I wish I could buy couple pairs...:crybaby:
  12. I figured that they must have suddenly changed it. I knew about the original date weeks ago, but I called the Warwick today and they said that it was not next week. Does anyone know of any good sample sales that are taking place next week? I booked a plane ticket from San Francisco to attend the Manolo sale (when it was scheduled to take place next week). Not sure if I should still go to NY or not.

  13. Ahhhh! I'm SO jealous!!! $100 a pair?? That's amazing!! Was the sale only for 1 day? Just curious, did they mark the label on it? Please post pics of the shoes you got!!
  14. Does anyone know if the sale is still going on and where it is?
  15. this is such a disappointment