Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale TODAY

  1. I just saw this post on a different site and it is for today. I had no idea there was a sale :censor: or I would have tried to get a longer lunch or something.

    Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale
    @ The Warwick Hotel
    54th St and 6th Ave
  2. OMG, you guys have got to stop posting about all of the sample sales in NYC!! i'm going to make my hubs move me out there permanently if this keeps up!
  3. Darn, I wished I lived in NY! Well, maybe except for my credit card. :P
  4. OMG OMG OMG...I WISH I lived in NYC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Damn damn damn. I thought it was tomorrow!
  6. so not happy i missed it.

    where did you see the post?
  7. Was it really today?
  8. I also thought it was tomorrow!
    I know they have a preview day for vips is that possible it was today
  9. OMG I am pissed I had off today grr if only I had known
  10. It was not Tuesday. It is today (Wednesday) and it's still going on until 4pm. I was just there and it was great! Got 6 pairs!
  11. How much were the shoes?
  12. Just got back myself and got 5 pairs. shoes range from 100 to 300ish, there was a very limited selection of boots as well. CASH ONLY FYI
  13. Yep, shoes were 100-400. Boots were 400 but I didn't see too many, either
  14. 5 pairs of manolos all in one trip

    I hate Minnesota.....:crybaby: