Manolo Blahnik sale in NYC

  1. Anyone in NY...apparently the Manolo Blahnik store on 58th is having a sale that only happens once ever 10 years. Lisa Rinna was on Regis and Kelly today and told the audience this.,,

    If anyone goes tell your stories!!!!

  2. OMG. when is it until !?
  3. I don't know!!! Sounds like Heaven! Lisa Rinna said she bought two pairs that were 50% off each....
    Good luck!
  4. Hate to burst your bubble but it happens every year...has been for years.
  5. Furthermore, the good things never hit the floor. The sales people presell to their best clients and there are private viewing days for vip's before they ever open the doors to Lisa Rinna.
  6. ahh..sorry!
  7. It was advertised in this past Sunday's New York Times, I believe it is this upcoming week. I cannot go, I have to start teaching on Monday. If anyone does go, please post photos of sales!
  8. I called the boutique and asked if their sale has started yet and the SA said yes and that it started a long time ago! :sad:
  9. Sorry again...Ms Rinna was acting like it was a once in a lifetime event..she actually said it happened only once every ten years....sorry for the poor info!
  10. That's ok, it's not your fault!! Thanks for letting us know. :flowers:
  11. yeah after i read this and did a search and saw it goes on every year. im sure it was a great sale though! hope whoever went got something good =))))
  12. If the shoes were 50% off, that's a good deal, but not as good of a deal as NM's sale of 40% off the sale price!
  13. Not your fault at all...this sale, like the Hermes sale, is really almost a private event. Only invitees get the good clients, employees and their families and friends and the salespeople at the shop hate the can tell.
  14. Is the sale still going on? thank you
  15. It was still going on as of yesterday, so I think it is.